I’m a Hermit & got cursed by a banyan tree

Hello all,

Lots has happened (as usual) since I last wrote. French Fry and I have been travelling in Indonesia for 3 weeks and settled down in Ubud, Bali for his last week. We went twice to monkey forest because we loved it there so much. There were many new-born baby monkeys and you get ridiculously close to them. Some of the monkeys even jump on your shoulder or high-five you!

We went down to the spring temple, which is surrounded by the most magnificent banyan tree and a good luck well. I sat down under the banyan tree and started to meditate and talk to the tree for a bit. The tree told me he had healing properties and his long, thin branches would suck people’s negative energies away. It showed me how the energy then travels through its branches into the trunk and then down into the roots where it’s discharged and neutralised by mother Earth.

The tree told me that it was upset that no one ever notices the magic of nature. “All they do is come with their flashy cameras to take pictures of monkeys or the temple.” I decided I wanted to send it some healing and some good vibes and so visualised bright, white light surrounding the tree, all branches and stem and going deep into the roots.

Shortly after I felt the top of my head tingling and I realised the tree was returning the favour. I asked French Fry to join me and once he stood under the tree he felt the same tingling. He also heard the words “Go away now” in his mind and we didn’t understand what that was supposed to mean, so we stayed for a while longer. It just felt too good to be receiving this blessing.

Once we left, we realised that the monkeys had taken over the entire monkey forest. You saw them everywhere, apart from near that banyan tree. It was the same the two times we went there. It seemed like that banyan tree and its immediate surroundings was off limits to them.

Shortly after that realisation I started feeling weird. My body started aching, especially on the bottom of my spine. I felt incredibly tired and could barely walk, and not even sit anymore. We rushed home where I laid down and slept. It seemed as every muscle and every fibre was sore. So in the end I wasn’t so sure anymore, whether the tree sent me some healing (and the pain was part of the detoxing) or whether it actually cursed me! For sure we understood its words “Go away now”. Had I stayed any longer I would probably have collapsed on my way home! 😀

Apart from that, there was another interesting incident. French Fry had been helping me to find some permanent accommodation for the month that I would stay here alone. We just wandered around and went inside different hotels and homestays (where you stay with Balinese family in their compound). We went inside one compound and couldn’t believe our eyes. It looked like the setting of a tomb raider movie. Deserted huts: taken over by plants, trees and animals. Broken furniture and shattered mirrors all for only 100.000 IDR per night the guy said. I felt I had stepped into a cursed piece of land and while I was thinking that I felt a nasty presence on my back pushing me out of the hut, with such force that I fell out and twisted my ankle. As if reading my thoughts French Fry said “It’s full of spirits here,” and so with a big rush of adrenalin I commanded my left foot to perform and we quickly left that property.

Anyway, enough with spooky stories for today 😀

French Fry left yesterday and now I will stay by myself for a month. I had been looking forward to this month for a long time. I had felt the need to be alone, to go within, to be a hermit and to not have to talk for a while. To take care of my own needs, to get pampered with Balinese Massage and to attend Yoga and Meditation classes.

When I checked into my cute place yesterday, I was given a beautiful room with view on the pool. Room number 9: the number of the Hermit in the Tarot Cards – how very appropriate! 😀

Today I went to the Yoga Barn, which is Bali’s most famous Yoga destination, and signed up for a 30 day unlimited pass. I attended a Yoga Nidra session, which wasn’t Yoga stretches, but a guided meditation. Yoga Nidra means something like Yogic Sleep. I enjoyed the 1 ½ hours of pure relaxation and towards the end I almost felt like as if I was in trance or deeper hypnosis. I couldn’t move anymore, or at least it felt like I couldn’t move anymore. Levi, the teacher, also does astrological charts and so I signed up for a session in a few weeks with him. Let’s see what the stars have in store for me this year…:-)

I also practiced with the law of attraction today. My yoga class was quite full, and when an Asian looking man came in, I felt I wanted to talk to him. Not in a flirty way of course, but he seemed very charismatic and had some interesting energy. But, of course I am very shy and approaching people is not my forte. So during the Yoga Nidra meditation I visualised that he would be the one talking to me first. When the session was over we both left the room and smiled at each other but no one spoke. I went up to the Café and sat down in the corner to eat. Fifteen minutes later that man comes with another woman from the class and sits exactly at the table next to me. Eventually the women chats me up and so in the end I got to chat to this guy, just as I had intended to – hehe. And it turns out he is an actor and movie producer from Korea and here for a month to do Yoga as well. He is also quite spiritually aware and described himself as a hermit (like me). Like always attracts like, that’s what makes the law of attraction so beautiful. People with similar energy and thinking patterns always gravitate around one another.

In any case, on my first day alone here I made two new “friends”, and am looking forward to the rest of the month.

Oh, any by the way – this morning I started plotting for my 2nd novel (the sequel to my first Middle Grade Fantasy Novel). Let’s see when I start writing…



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