About Angel Island & the white feather

Yesterday we took a flight from Jogyakarta over Bali to Labuan Baju, where we were greeted by the resort’s driver who brought us to a small, run down port. Two boat rides later we arrived on Angel Island, which to me looked like the setting of “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio. We had been enchanted by what we read about the small resort on a tiny island. We arrived on an empty, white beach and were welcome by the Hotel Staff with refreshment towels and drinks, before we were brought to our bungalow. There are only ten bungalows in total here. He told us that we were the only guests, as the last ones had checked out that same morning.

So, to sum it up: we are on a tropical island, by ourselves (and 32 hotel staff), with our own beach and an all-inclusive package. Does life get any better than that?

Yesterday I had wondered why they called it Angel Island. The British owner had bought this island 15 years ago, but since he was not here we couldn’t ask. In any case I said to myself: “Right, dear angels, if you are on Angel Island, please send me a sign by making me find a white feather. Not even 24 hours later while walking on the beach, I walk up towards the trees and what do I find? A white feather! And there are not even white birds around… So I guess we are not alone after all. 😀

photo 1

We are certainly not alone when it comes to our bungalow: we were greeted by a nasty scorpion in our bedroom and a bit later by a spider as big as a horse in the bathroom!

Today we went snorkelling on our private beach, and since I’m the smartest packer ever (I forgot to pack my cute bikini), I decided to go snorkelling naked – haha!

In terms of writing: my final draft is getting there and as for my new novel (the sequel) new inspiration is flowing in. I set the intention, that if I should ever sell my novels and make some money I would come back to Angel Island and stay for 1-3 months or so to keep writing. It’s pure magic here and certainly the best resort, the best beach and best holiday I ever had (and I have seen many tropical beaches already!) 🙂

French Fry, by the way, is on another planet entirely – barely speaking, and still not believing his luck with this island.


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