On enchanted gardens & word frequency

Hello from Borobudur, Indonesia. It was an extremely long journey to get here, but so worth it. We have been treated like movie star celebrities. We received an upgrade to business class when we flew here and all villagers stop in the streets to greet us: 90% of them wanted to take our pictures – haha.

We checked into a fantastic hotel with a vast, lush and enchanted garden. A garden that is alive and speaks to you. A garden that is sacred and makes your body shiver once you pass a certain line towards the back and you stand in front of a steep hillside overlooking two rivers that cross just in front of you. A garden, which some people don’t like to enter as they start feeling dizzy because the energy is too strong. The owner puts it this way: only people with strong energy and spiritual awareness actually enjoy this place. For some people the frequency is too high and they won’t feel well here. He had cases where people checked out again immediately.

To understand this place, one needs to understand the owner – Boedi, a former investment banker on Wall Street, who was able to retire at 39 and follow his life purpose. He says this hotel mirrors his soul – and all I can say to that is: both his hotel and his soul are magical and one of a kind. We meet people nearly every day, but how many people really leave a lasting impression on us? The kind of impression you cherish for a life time?

We met by “coincidence”. French Fry and I had been chilling in the lounge that is surrounded by palm trees, a little water cascade and were listening to soothing music. I loved it so much that I asked a young guy that was responsible for the music whether I could copy it onto my laptop. He agreed and was happy I liked “his music selection”. He is studying business in Indonesia, but his dream is to study music in the US, as that’s his biggest passion. Turns out he was the hotel’s owner’s son, who then also came to greet us and to tell us a bit more about this hotel and his plans for the near future: offering Yoga and healing retreats. When I told him I’m a Reiki Master he was delighted and told me he would love to have me teach Reiki here. He told us about the special energy of this place and sent his son to show us around the garden to show some “power spots”.

I asked the son whether he believes in “nature spirits” and he said that for sure he believes that every tree and every living thing has a soul, as does every river, the ocean or every mountain, which are the kingdoms of the spirits. He told us about a spirit dragon living in the river. He also told us about how his dad would wake up at night in bed, to find precious stones next to him, which came out of nowhere. When we asked Boedi about his experiences he showed us the stones that he always carries with him. In Indonesia it’s seen as receiving a gift from the spiritual world. He then handed me two ancient spearheads that also had appeared out of nowhere one night. As I touched them my hands started vibrating, as I could feel their energy so strongly. I immediately knew and felt this was a gift for him from the Gods and received the message he should plant them into the soil like a tree. He looked at me surprised, and told me that there were some engravings saying “God”, and engravings of trees, thus just confirming what I had said. 🙂 And so we chatted away the whole afternoon and evening.

He told us how important it is to be creative and to follow one’s life purpose. How important it is to have us “weird people” on Earth: the empaths, the dreamers, the sensitives – those that bring more love and peace to this world.

His son explained that there are astronomical lines (ley lines or energy lines) crossing Java Island. Borobudur is located right in the middle where these two lines cross and where the temple is built, which is the biggest Buddhist monument in the world and a Unesco world heritage site.

We went there at 4 am in the morning to enjoy the magical sunrise over Borobudur and then made our way to the temple, which was breath-taking. It’s even older than Angkor Watt in Cambodia (where I’ve also been) and was built around 750 AD.


As for writing: I haven’t written much on my last draft, but was playing around with a word frequency website, where you can copy paste your manuscript and get a list of each word you used and its frequency. It’s quite eye-opening how many words I kept repeating. So right now I’m trying to improve my vocabulary.

Here is the link:


I’m also reading Stephen King’s “On Writing”, as it had very good reviews and gives amazing tips on writing in general. Not that I read Stephen King’s novels, (I’m not into horror) but he used to be an English teacher, so he really has valuable advice on writing.

It’s our last day here in Borobudur, tomorrow morning we leave to Komodo island to hunt down some dragons 😀


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