About soul travels at night & My 2nd draft nearly finished

Wow, again lots of weeks have passed by, time is flying and I rarely have any sense of dates, days and times in general anymore. Anyone else feels the same?

There had been a few weird weeks, where I didn’t sleep well and felt all over the place due to some solar flare activities and universal alignments etc. Many of my friends and clients reported the same. Now things have improved again since over a week, which means: I have been more productive again with my novel. Editing a 2nd draft takes much longer than writing a 1st draft, but now I have only 20 pages left and I’m so excited as I can feel the end is coming.

With the 2nd draft I will dare to share with people what I have written so far. And most exciting of all: One of my dear clients is a proof-reader. How amazing is that? Can’t wait for her input of what I assume will become a 3rd draft, and then let’s see how many more drafts I will need after that haha!

Otherwise I have been busy working. I taught my first Reiki Master course and felt very proud of my Reiki Master students who have been on this Reiki journey for a few years and to see how they have progressed, how much they practiced and how eager they are to help others.

And I’m also happy to share that my French Frie turned into a Reiki Frie last weekend when I taught him Reiki Level 1. On Saturday we went up to a mountain near Geneva to enjoy the beautiful views and energy.

Anyway, today I would like to write about our soul – and how it travels at night. Most of us don’t remember when it happens. Some of us do.

The first time I became aware of this, was when I was living in Azerbaijan with an ex bf. I woke up one night and saw how he got out of bed and then stood in front of the wardrobe for what seems like ages. I wondered what he was doing and called his name, but when I looked next to me, he was still lying there. That’s when he explained that his soul leaves his body at night and that’s what I saw. I also saw a few spirits in my room at night as we seemed to have lived in a very haunted place.

Once I started my Reiki studies I would have dreams at night about people and that they were not feeling well. I felt I was there with them, sending them healing at night, but I would forget most of my dreams and then I would assume I was just making things up. More recently these dreams became stronger. I would travel to people and places and feel their pain. Sometimes I wake up at night because the dream and the feelings feel so real and so painful. Sometimes I feel physical pains in parts of my body where the person I’m dreaming about has pains.

One of these last nights I dreamed about a dear client and Reiki student of mine. In my dream she seemed incredibly worried and upset about her teenage son. I was there calming her down and sending healing to her and her family. The next day she emailed me with some unrelated questions and I answered them and at the end I told her about my dream and asked if she was feeling ok. She was very surprised about my dream as it was exactly what was happening. She had been very worried about her son. I told her all would be fine and indeed after that incident things improved again.

Now I’m sure that my soul travels a lot during night and that I should pay attention to all these dreams and try and remember more. I guess when you are a healer during the day, you are also a healer during the night! No time off!! 🙂

I also have many clients who report out of body experiences during their sleep. One of them reported she would always float above Geneva at night and feel so peaceful when looking down. When I gave her Reiki I suddenly felt observed and when I looked up I understood she had left her body and was observing me. When I woke her up after Reiki she remembered having left her body for a while.

There are so many fascinating stories about out of body experiences. Did anyone here ever experience anything like that? Is anyone else aware of travelling at night? Please share with me! 🙂

So, I have to go, I’m meeting my friend with whom I write regularly in a very cute, small Café near where we live.

Have a fabulous week everyone and lots of amazing soul travels at night!




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