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And I’m back – long time no blogging here – sniff! Work has been busy with many workshops and networking events. I have even been on the radio in Geneva…:-)

As for my book though: not much progress unfortunately. I’m still editing the 1st draft, or rather trying to edit it. Motivation is at an all-time low and my confidence as well. I need some real motivation kick soon. It’s so frustrating to have all these great creative ideas and a 1st draft but then feeling like it’s nowhere nearly good to being published. Ouff!

I read somewhere a great quote which says: Writing a 1st draft is like throwing sand in a box, whereas writing a 2nd draft is building a sand castle out of the sand in the box. That’s how I feel now too! I have all this sand in a box and wondering what kind of castle I want to build now!

Anyway, after my last blog post about spirits (you can read it here), I had a few emails with other true stories, one of which I would love to share in this blog.

I received an email from a very old school friend who had read my blog. She told me an amazing story:

She grew up in a nice house in a small town in Northern Germany (Hamelin), but always felt there was something going on in her room. Sometimes things would go missing and then reappear. She would then say: “Please place the lost item over there!” Then she would go out of the room, and when she would come back, the lost item would be exactly where she had asked for it to be.

One year there was a bad fire in the house and all rooms had been affected, there was smoke everywhere. Everywhere apart from her room, which was perfectly fine. None of the firemen knew how this could be possible and said that normally she could have died in there.

Only many years after my friend found out a few historical facts about the house they had been living in. It had been built in 1914 and had been seriously damaged during the 2nd world war. She saw a picture of her house with the upper floor damaged, windows broken etc. She then found out who had been living there: a woman with her baby, whose bed was right in front of that window. When the bombs fell and the window broke, the baby died instantly. The women died a few days after that and no one knew exactly why. Whether she got sick or committed suicide or just died of a broken heart. Fact is, the room where the baby had lived was the room my friend was living in too.

After hearing all these facts, my friend is now convinced that the spirit of this woman was still in her house and was protecting her during the fire, and that it was her playing with her by hiding items and having them reappear again.

Since then my friend got married and moved into another house, only to find out, that even there strange things are happening. So she has been seeing the spirit of a dog running around, and so has her husband. This made me smile a lot.

One of my jobs is Space Clearing – I go into people’s homes and “space clear” them. At least this is what my website says. The way I see it: I go ghostbusting! 😀

One time I was called to clear a house close to Geneva. It was a very big house, a medieval farm house to be precise that they had converted into a more modern house. My client never felt well in there and felt bad energies. Furthermore she was very upset with her cats that kept bringing in dead rats nearly every day. They would deposit the dead rats on a specific spot only and leave it there.

I walked through the house, connected to all the energies in there and sent many spirits to the light. At the end I went to see the spot where the cats always placed dead rats and immediately saw the spirit of a cat standing there. I started laughing and thought: “Mh, maybe the lady’s cats can see this spirit cat and are bringing the rats as an offering.” I sent the cat spirit to the light as well and energetically cleared the spot on the floor. The lady was very surprised to know that ever since I cleared the house and that spot, no more rats were brought inside to that spot! 🙂

I have so many amazing spirit stories to tell and share, I just wish I had more time to write them all down. In the meantime I would ask you to continue sharing your stories with me and who knows, maybe one day I can publish a book with all these collections!

Much love,


PS After my last blog about the Poltergeist we found out what it was: It was French Frie’s grandmother who had died just a few days earlier and was making her presence known. We now sent her to the light and the “activities” in our flat ended! 🙂


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