About Poltergeists & Having a short story being published

Long time, no update! I guess my life has been busy, if not hectic lately…

French Frie and I finally started enjoying living together after the initial stress of unpacking, making space, de-cluttering and throwing lots of things away, buying new items etc.

Work has also been very busy with many clients and courses, which is great! Now looking forward to some quitter Easter period though. It’s my birthday soon and French Frie is taking me somewhere as a surprise. Not sure where yet. The other day he said it was Kiev and I believed it. With the ongoing situation in Ukraine I wasn’t sure it would be great to fly there but I pretended to like his idea anyway until he said it was a joke. 😉

There is also news on the writing front:

One of my short stories will get published. This is the first time for me and I was so excited!!!! It was a writing contest I found online asking people to write true stories about their grandmothers and what they learned from them. So I wrote about my Brazilian grandma Rosa and the great relationship we had before she died a few years ago and how it became even more special after she died. How she would pop up everywhere, and how she would appear even to my Dutch granddad who didn’t believe at all in the spirit world before. How she was guiding me towards my life purpose, from the corporate world to become a Meditation & Reiki teacher. I also practiced with the Law of Attraction, visualising this short story being published. Guess it worked! 😉

This gives me hope that my novel I’m writing (or rather editing) right now might get published too one day. The editing process is so annoying. I enjoyed the creative process very much, but not writing and rewriting it all over again, and the vulnerable position of starting to share what I have so far and getting criticised is quite scary sometimes. But it’s part of any writer’s life. I shared the first two chapters with French Frie and he already pointed out many things that were not working so I made some changes.

I also joined the Geneva Writer’s Group and am attending a workshop this weekend. There is an author and teacher flying in from UK. Someone who published around 12 books already and teaches creative writing in a University. So I’m quite excited to attend.

I teamed up with another girl who enjoys writing and just quit her job to find more time for writing. We are trying to meet 1-2 times per week to write together which I have been enjoying very much! 🙂

Now, talking about my grandma and spirits etc. The last few days, or rather nights, we have been visited by what seems to be a Poltergeist. Poltergeists are spirits who can move things and make noises.

Incident 1: When I woke up in the morning 2 days ago my whole couch was covered in little stones and some bigger pieces. Neither me nor French Frie had any clue where that came from. We don’t have this kind of stones in the flat anywhere.

Incident 2: The following night our tv box and tv stopped working.

Incident 3: This night my laptop, which was closed down, suddenly started playing a video by itself at exactly 3 am.

Quite frankly, I find it fun, and am already looking forward to finding out what’s coming next, rather than just sending this spirit to the light! 😀

Anyone else has some funny stories about spirits to share??

Have a fabulous Poltergeist-free day everyone!


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