Is Switzerland awakening?

I started to have what seems like lucid dreams. Really vivid and colourful and I would remember them when waking up.

One was really special, so special that I can’t even describe it with words. I think our biggest problem is to make use of language and words to describe what can only be felt or intuitively known in a few seconds.

I believe our souls travel during the night. I believe we are being taught by night. Most of the times we won’t remember a thing. Last night was different.

I was somewhere in the universe – seeing planets and stars and how they all are interlinked and connected. Like a huge loving machine that only operates if all little parts are playing their individual parts. I had such a strong sense of “as above so below”, but at the same time there is no “above” and also no “below”. It just IS. It all just IS.

I woke up amazed and wished this dream had gone on for much longer. Maybe I had already been there for much longer but this little episode is all I can remember now. Absolutely beautiful.

The last dream I had this morning was me being aware of being in Switzerland and I jumped into a river and let myself float with the current, as were many other people around me. I passed beautiful mountains, cascades and wine yards. We were all swimming with the flow and collectively enjoying this experience. I wonder what this means? Is Switzerland awakening? More and more people flowing with the flow, with nature and the universe? More and more people awakening to their true talents, life purpose, their calling? It felt a bit like that in my dream. 🙂

Anyway, so today I woke up more than happy. Feeling balanced and loved by a force so powerful that I have tears in my eyes right now just thinking about it!

This weekend I’m teaching Reiki to a group of men and I’m very excited about it! Usually I have always more women and sometimes a few men. This time it’s only three men. 🙂

Feeling ever so grateful!

Lots of love,

Dreamy Fairy


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