About lemons & YES-Hugs

Life is full of surprises, or what many people would call coincidences. I call it synchronicity.

This morning I went downstairs to buy some yoghurt. When I left the shop, which is inside our building, I heard wonderful piano and violin music. As I turned around the corner I saw there was a little room from the apostolic church that was just starting a mass, ceremony, or whatever these gatherings are called.

I have no clue what the apostolic church stands for, I’m not even baptised and can probably count on one hand how many times I have attended a ceremony in church. Here is what I can remember:

1)      My best friend’s communion. I assume we were around eight years old.

2)      When my little sister Thais and I enraged my mum so much that as “punishment” she sent us to attend church one Sunday. So we went and were slightly bored (as you would be when you are a child). And the next times my mum sent us to church we spent the time at Mc Donald’s instead, worshipping the Big Mac! 🙂

3)      I can’t remember anything more than that

Anyway, so I decided to attend. Smiling to myself as in the last few weeks I had visited many Buddhist temples, one Sikh one and now here I was in a church. As I had already written in a previous post: I do not believe in organised religion. But I do believe in the magic and power of people coming together to meditate or to pray. I believe in the amount of energy that is set free and that many times blesses us and enables healing on many levels.

I always feel lighter when I leave a temple or a group meditation. Why? I think because there is an invisible force that permeates all of us. And the more we are, the stronger that energy. It’s an all knowing energy that knows what needs to be released to make us feel lighter again. I have observed that time and time again. Whether in the group meditations I have attended or the ones I have facilitated myself as a Guided Meditation teacher. When people come together to meditate, they all leave feeling much lighter.

Not only was it funny that I passed that chapel room when they were about to start, but the entire ceremony was centred on a theme. A theme I have been writing about myself and the words that I heard during the ceremony were exactly the words I needed to hear. Synchronicity at its best!

The priest read something from the Bible and I do not know the verse or which apostle, but the message was:

“Let your yes be a yes”.

Now for the priest it was of course let your yes be a yes to God. I believe the message is bigger than that.

How many times do we question ourselves, our integrity, our values, our dreams, our purpose here on planet earth? How many times do we wonder what the heck we are doing here? How many times do we ask questions and wait for answers, how many times have we faced that our “yes” became weaker and weaker.

Our yes, is our inner light that keeps us shining brightly. Each morning I make a commitment to say yes. Yes to my path. Yes to love, Yes to having faith. Yes to being patient, Yes to allowing my heart to guide me, yes to life, yes to my inner light. If we only concentrated on our “yes”, instead of all the NO’s in our life, the No’s being limiting thought patterns, the No’s put from society, governments and even religion, the No’s that make our light weaker.

Concentrate on your YES. Concentrate on your very own essence and your own light.

Let “YES” be our religion and let’s stop questioning ourselves but meet our inner light and be amazed at how it keeps shining, even though we judge ourselves so harshly sometimes, for we are our own worst judges.

And even when life throws us lemons after lemons. Pick them up, bake a lemon pie and teach others how to bake lemon pie with their lemons. (I’m a Master Lemon Cake baker by now) 😉

The priest was also teaching about patience and it spoke to me in terms of the Law of Attraction. When we do not get what we prayed for, then the answer is in the waiting. Sometimes we ask for things and they don’t come. We need to trust that everything always comes at the right time, when we are ready to receive it. (So let’s hope that the universe thinks I’m ready to become a published writer haha).

Today I say YESSSSSSSSS with all my heart. I say yes to being a writer, yes to being a healer, yes to creating the type of life that I want to live, yes to all the experiences (and lemons) being thrown at me.

What do you say YES to today?

Lots of YES-Hugs to all of you. (YES-Hugs are hugs that can speak and keep repeating YES YES YES YES while hugging) 😀

PS: Yesterday I wrote over 4000 words for my book, over 60% done, or around 35.000 words. Ouff!



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