About Soul Mates

Good morning everyone.

Today I want to share with you a text I read this morning from a book I bought the other day, It’s called “The book of light” by Alexandra Solnado. This particular short chapter was on soul mates and it resonated so deep within me so here is an extract for you.

Soul Mates

Never forget your connections. Every being that crosses your path has a soul that is connected to you in some way, somewhere, within the boundless space of eternity.

Every soul you cross paths with has something to tell you, something to teach you.

When you were up in heaven, in between lives, you decided that whatever you needed to learn, you would learn from one another.

However, there are some beings whose souls are connected more to your soul than to any other souls.

And in this lifetime, there is a being whose soul is connected to your more than any other soul.

And it is this being who will be your companion at all times, throughout the good and the bad times.

The connection between your soul and the soul of this very special being exists for one reason only:

To be. For you two to be side by side throughout this journey.

That is all. Nothing more.

Exchanging energy and experiences, without ego, without defences, without obstructions.

Two beings, side by side, sharing one path.

Each soul is who it is.

Each soul is who it is, and it respects the other soul. Nothing more. That is all.

And as I was reading this I first and foremost thought about my mother. She is the number one soul on Earth I like to share my experiences with. We came a long way to be where we are now. From me being an ego driven, impulsive teenager, running away from home, hating my parents and everything around me, to a (slightly) more balanced version of myself nowadays. 🙂 My mum was there when I started on my spiritual path, and since she is too, we have so much to share. What I love above all about my mum, is her sense of humour. We can laugh so much about ourselves, this crazy world, our crazy experiences. And let me tell you, there are so many of them!

As I read this text I had tears in my eyes and so much gratitude in my heart. I believe soul mates exist, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic partner. It can be one of your friends, your sister, your grandma. I also believe we have many soulmates, who all come from the same soul family. But as this text says, one of these souls is the one that’s most connected to you. And it fills me with so much love and gratitude today to think of this soul as my mother.

So, to everyone out there reading this: who is the soul who is most connected to you? Does that soul know how you feel? Call that person, text, email. Make your feelings of love and appreciation known today.

And last but not least: even if your mother is not the one you feel most connected to. Pick up the phone, let her know that you appreciate her. Relationships with parents are one of the most difficult relationships we have to learn. And yet, without them, we wouldn’t be here today. Find a moment and tune into your heart and feel gratitude today for being here.

Much love as always dear souls!


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