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Day 11 and 40% of my novel written so far. Nearly half way through. 🙂 *Big Yay*

The other day I spent nearly the entire day catching up with my friend and we were discussing the law of attraction. Now, just like me, she is not fond of all these new age terms such as law of attraction, manifesting or books like “the secret”. I have never bought any books on the law of attraction either, but at some point I just realised by myself that whatever we focus our thoughts on expands.

And then I also received an email from one of my dear clients and friend asking to blog about the law of attraction and how it works, as she had started to practice with it.

Now, as I said above, I’m no guru when it comes to these things. I have “manifested” many things already, including meeting Paulo Coelho twice, so here are my tips for anyone who would like to practice with the law of attraction.

1)      Start small. Don’t pick something huge just yet. When I started, I visualised being paid a cup of coffee within one week. No one ever paid me any coffee. A few days later I was at my work place, talking to a fellow therapist. We always had our breaks together for a little chat. But we always paid separately. On that day, however, she handed me some money and said: “Here, get yourself a cup of coffee too”. 😀

2)      Visualise what you want to attract. I.e. in the case of the free coffee I was just visualising me drinking coffee and knowing that I did not pay for it. But I left it open as to who or as to how it will happen. Engage all your senses when you visualise something. I.e. I visualised me drinking coffee and remembered the taste of coffee, I smelled it, I paid attention to how it felt to hold a hot cup of coffee in my hands etc. Thus creating a very vivid and real image in my head.

3)      Be specific. If you want a cup of coffee, visualise a real cup of coffee. My boyfriend, in order to practice, had asked to see a giraffe and within a few hours giraffes kept popping up everywhere in form of statues or drawings etc. If he had wanted a real living one, I guess he would have had to state a LIVING GIRAFFE.

4)      Believe it. There is no way around that. To work with the LOA you need to believe that whatever you want to attract will happen. Just a few weeks ago, when me and my bf were practicing I had visualised meeting someone from Geneva, or someone who had lived in Geneva, in Thailand. But I also visualised this someone coming to us, as I didn’t want to chase all tourists and ask them from where they were. 1 week later or so, we were chilling in our bungalow in Koh Samui, when a guy came over to ask whether these bungalows were any good as he was considering staying there. My bf was outside talking to him and saying that all was good there. I decided to go out and to add that it actually might be quite noisy there, as they were renovating and at night you would hear music coming from the bars. The guy then asked us where we were from, so I replied: Geneva. And then he said: Oh, I lived there many years in my twenties. Now, in our entire trip in Thailand, this guy was the ONLY person who ever came up to us to chat and out of all places, it turned out he had lived in Geneva too. 🙂 Amazing how it works, isn’t it?!

5)      Detach from any outcome. Don’t keep obsessing about your visualisation and let go of it and focus on other things again. For me, the detachment was always the hardest part, as for some things, the things we really want to have in our lives, we put a lot of attachment to it. Just visualise whatever you want to attract in a pink bubble and see it float out into the universe, believing that somehow the universe will take care of your wish. Your wish and your visualisation will happen. You just don’t know when and how. And sometimes the outcome is so different to what we expected. For example my friend had visualised the perfect apartment she wanted to have. It was big, had a lot of light and she always felt well when she went to visit her friends, who were living there. At some point those friends moved out and another friend of hers moved in. He was very sick however, and she had to take care of him daily, until he died. He left them his furniture, and the flat. Now my friend of course wished her visualisation had happened in a happier way, without someone having to die for her to stay in that apartment. But that’s how things go sometimes.

Also, I would like to add that the LOA wouldn’t work on making someone love you, or to get your ex back and make him fall back in love with you. People always have a free will and we need to respect that. Having said that, I know a girl who had a crush on a guy she saw on some social networking site in Geneva. He organised many events and was quite active on that site. At some point she posted a question in a forum asking a random question and that guy replied and even asked her out. They dated for a while but it didn’t work out in the end.

Have fun practicing. I figured that if I’m able to manifest Paulo Coelho twice, I could also be able to manifest publishing a book by attracting the right literary agent and the right publisher. Of course I have to continue practicing on letting go of my attachments to this idea and any outcomes. That’s always the hardest part…

Are there any other people here who are practicing the LOA? If so, please do share what you have manifested so far and more tips and tricks that I might have forgotten to include.

Lots of love from the Manifestation Apprentice 😀



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