The Lake of Forgiveness & Just Imagine…


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Day 9 of writing my novel.

Hey, writing a book is painful, that much I know now. And I also know that in order to dig deep into my characters, in order to understand them, it seems like I dig deep into my own experiences of anger, sadness, loneliness and all the painful experiences I ever had. Experiences that might already have been forgotten and forgiven, but that are right there when you write about other people’s pain.

In my book there is a magical lake of forgiveness, where my characters will be reminded of all the painful things they experienced and then have to forgive and let go of all the pain. I wish such a lake really existed. A lake where we all step inside and then water bubbles float up and you see all the scenes from your past where you suffered and all the people involved. And then another bubble that shows you the scene from the other person’s perspective. The one that we many times don’t care about when we feel hurt.

Around 33% of my novel written so far and all I can say is that I’m happy that I’m really writing every day and kicking my ass to write the minimum words each day. I guess when it comes to writing it’s like any other job. Writer’s block or not, it doesn’t matter. Just continue writing. Write through your blockage, through your fears, anger and all the feelings coming up.

When you have an office job and don’t feel like working, you still go to the office and don’t come up with an “computer blockage” or “I hate my colleagues blockage”. You still go to work and get through your day. Same for writing. It needs to be done – just like any other job. 🙂

Today is Sunday, day of elections here in Bangkok. Several people have been shot yesterday. Today the army arrived and over 10.000 police officers to ensure maximum safety. But I’m not leaving my house for sure. No one knows what’s going to happen as the mob tries to block the election to take place here. I don’t even know anymore what this whole protest is about. A mob trying to block the elections, saying the government is corrupt and should be replaced by random people who will oversee the elections. In which case I wonder, aren’t all governments corrupt? Does it really matter in the US whether the republicans or the democrats are in power, given the fact that who is really ruling the country is wall street?

We live in a crazy world, full of wars, starvation and misery. Why is that??? Why do we allow for all of that to happen? Shouldn’t there be a mob out protesting all of that? What if every single human being went to the streets to peacefully demonstrate for all of this CRAP to end? We could end starvation and wars in a few days if we all really wanted to…just imagine


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