About Sexual Abuse & Love and Forgiveness

I woke up early yesterday and wrote around 1000 words after breakfast. As I could not concentrate after that I went to the shopping center close to my place and had a simple Thai noodle lunch (Pad Thai). I had been looking for yoga places to practice some yoga while I’m here, and as I looked around while eating I saw that a brand new Yoga studio had just opened in the same shopping center. I went to have a look and got quite excited. I will sign up these days…

In the afternoon I met my friend again, (who lives in same building and the one who removed my Hare Krishna spirit the other day 😉 ) and we finally had time to catch up properly. It has been a little over 2 years since I last lived here and so much has been going on since then.

The center where we all used to learn energy healing and meditation has been closed in the meantime and all students and agents representing that school worldwide have stepped back. Unfortunately the founder has been accused by many girls of sexual abuse. It was no surprise to me that it happened, but it saddened me quite a bit for the last few months. This has been going for many years and many of us just chose not to see anything. Some of us believed these stories were made up. And those that were directly involved didn’t speak up as they felt ashamed/guilty/embarrassed etc.

As I spoke about this to one of my Yoga friends she told me that this kind of things happens all the time in Yoga too.

And I’m wondering just why people in positions of power would ever dare to misuse this power in such a horrible way. Teachers especially to whom students look up to as someone they trust and from whom they want to learn things. And I wonder in how many more schools and institutions this is going on. The sad truth is that this kind of things goes on for ages until they come out. Sexual abuse is most often by someone we know and trust, which makes it that much harder to cope with it.

In the case of the center here in Bangkok, yes it’s closed now. But the founder hasn’t been prosecuted, none of the girls would like to get involved in a trial. Meaning he is free to continue. And only God knows how many more similar cases there are on this planet.

My prayers tonight will go out to all those souls who have ever experienced any kind of sexual abuse, to those who didn’t dare to talk about it yet I pray that they find someone they trust and that they can talk to, to those who spoke up already I send my healing prayers so that they continue on their healing path. The more we speak and share, the less it might happen. The more we understand what sexual abuse is and the pattern of those that abuse, the better we can identify these people. The more we talk, the more we share, the more we heal ourselves.

Sexual abuse is present at every level in this society. It’s happening to our kids, our friends, our relatives. But it’s such a taboo topic to talk about, which gives the abusers so much more power as they can continue for such a long time.

It’s very hard to learn about such things and not get enraged, angry, depressed, and to find that little spark of forgiveness and compassion for the abusers. Nothing can get resolved with hate and anger. Anger only creates more anger. Fear only creates more fear around us. What we need is to remember who we are: pure love. And as we connect to our essence, nothing can touch us, nothing can hurt us. And from this essence of love we can choose to forgive. Not because the abusers asked us to, but because love and forgiveness is the only thing that can set us free.

Lots of love to all of you.

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