Haunted by a Hare Krishna Spirit & 1st Day of writing my Book

Hello from Bangkok everyone, where I shall be residing now for the next 6 weeks or until my book is finished. 😉

We have been travelling over the last 3 weeks in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, visiting the long neck tribes (amazing), bike tours around rice fields (magical) & Koh Samui for a week to relax.

As for the Law of Attraction: I’m proud to share that I have been practicing it as much as I could. Starting in Bangkok where we went up to a temple on the “golden mountain” and where visitors could write their wishes on a huge piece of paper. So of course you know what I wished for! 😉


In Chiang Mai we visited a temple and again we could make a wish and put the letter in a big vase.

DSC00282Koh Samui wasn’t as relaxing as I had hoped. Towards the end of our stay we went for dinner one evening in a big evening market with many food stalls. As we sat down to eat, there suddenly was a big Hare Krishna Group walking through the market, singing and playing instruments. Wearing all same clothes and shaved heads for men, only with a little tail on top of the head. There were around 10 – 15 Western men around all ages, from 18 to over 50. The leader, a western man as well, must have been 55 or so. Behind all these Western men there were only 3 Indian ladies following them.

As I got curious I wanted to understand more about this group or sect and few seconds after one of the guys came over to our table. I asked him what Hare Krishna is and as he started explaining I sensed some weird energy around him. He certainly felt lost and I could feel he must have had a lot of pain. As I was feeling all that I also understood the weird energy to be 3 spirits that were following him. The minute he left I suddenly started feeling heavy. I couldn’t eat my food anymore. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the lights, the people, the noise, the food. All I wanted was to go back to our bungalow. The minute I got home my body started aching like crazy. I could barely be touched anywhere. I also developed a huge headache. I then realised those 3 spirits attached themselves to me and followed me back home.

I’m a spiritual healer and remove spirits from people’s houses and from people all the time so I thought it would be easy to remove these as well and was sure they left even though my bf could feel some energy touching him at night. During the night I had fever attacks and felt awful the next morning. The whole next day I could barely eat or walk anywhere as I was feeling so weak and had several shivering attacks per day.

When I started to throw up I thought, my God, what is going on with me? Was it some spirit still, some curse, or was I pregnant???

As I arrived back in Bangkok I went to see my dear friend and healer. The minute she saw me, she pulled a disgusted face and was looking to my side. Obviously I had not come alone then. 😉

She immediately sent the spirit away. I had been too weak to meditate and was under medication so wasn’t able to do any spiritual work and was over the moon that this spooky episode was now over.

My bf went back home to Geneva yesterday night, which means that yesterday was my 1st real writing day for my book.

I figured that since I want to write a book for kids up to 12 years old I would need to write approximately 60.000 words, since it will be a fantasy story. Which means more or less 2000 words per day for 1 month.

I officially started my book now, finished 2444 words yesterday, even though was still feeling brain-dead by having attracted a Hare Krishna spirit that haunted me for a few days haha!

Let’s see what the day today brings and how the writing will go…:-)

Happy Sunday everyone!


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