Schizo mushroom & magic bracelet

Good morning 🙂

Hope you all had wonderful Xmas!

I spent it with my boyfriend’s parents who came to Geneva, and since they are French I had to parler en Francais haha! 🙂 But it was wonderful. His dad cooked (never ate so much food) and I nearly exploded. Only to continue the next day with even more food…

I then was very interested in knowing what made his parents feel peaceful. In particular his dad, who always has such a serene/peaceful aura. When you look at him it just feels like this man fulfilled his life’s purpose and is in peace with himself, the world and everyone in it. His dad replied that the only rule he ever followed was to do good for others and never try to deliberately hurt someone. He didn’t say it, but I feel he also masters the art of living in the present moment, which is what this whole “new age” and spirituality movement and books like “the power of Now” are trying to teach everyone.

His mum on the other hand thinks for a mum there is no such thing as peacefulness, for she always worries about her kids (even though the 3 of them are all grown up). I find this very cute, however is it really true? Can a mum never experience true peacefulness? Is worrying about her kids as much of a daily routine as brushing teeth? I’m not a mum so I really do not know. I know my mum worries a lot about her family in Brazil and also me and my 2 little sisters.

It’s somehow scary to think that I will lose my peacefulness when (and if) having kids – and let’s face it: I’m working so hard to live in the present moment, not to worry too much, and to feel in peace. Many times I manage, many times I also don’t. Reality kicks in like a thunderstorm sometimes and I feel completely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with being self-employed, overwhelmed with not knowing whether I will be able to pay next month’s rent. Overwhelmed by my many wonderful clients, who I really want to help, and seeing them suffering pains my heart many times. I had to learn how to detach myself. But it’s not always easy…

But then there are so many wonderful moments, and being self-employed and following my heart’s desire is what fulfills me and what gives me the freedom to pursue my dreams. Just like now having a break of 3 months to write my book and stay in Thailand until mid March. *big yay*

There is a poll at the end of the blog. Pls share your views on whether you think it’s possible for a mother to ever experience true peacefulness again once she has kids…

I’m also soooo happy about my mum’s Xmas present: an online course: how to write Children’s Books. So sweet of her. I already started and successfully completed module 1.

The other day I went to the cemetery in Geneva with my friend. Since my book will start and end in a cemetery I felt it’s important to get a feeling for the atmosphere over there. We even got a free tour by a guy who checks on the various mushrooms that grow in the cemetery in different places in Geneva. Such a random encounter. But he knew everything about the cemetery and the many famous graves. It’s the oldest in Geneva and the states only allows for really famous people to be buried there, such as Calvin.

This mushroom guy also showed us the different mushroom in the cemetery, which was really funny. One is called Schizophyllum commune. I asked whether this was a schizophrenic mushroom and he said yes, it has 2 personalities 😀


photo credit: wikipedia

Now I’m really intrigued to add this schizo mushroom to my story. Will be funny! 😀

It’s also funny to know what kind of random people you meet in a cemetery on a Sunday afternoon. Apart from the mushroom man (I really should have asked for his name!) there was a Lady who takes care of the wild cats at the cemetery. There are 3 wild cats who live there and are considered to be the “guardians” of this cemetery. They are fed every day by a voluntary organisation. I observed them playing on the tombs and then running and chasing each other across the whole cemetery. It was fun to watch! Who would have thought that a day at the cemetery on a cloudy Sunday afternoon would have been so much fun! 🙂

Now, there is another little story I would like to share with you. The other night (I think it was the night of 24th December) I woke up at night around 3:30 am. Many times I wake up at exactly this time. I took out my writing papers and pen and started “channeling” whatever was popping into my head. Mostly it was messages about love which I will use in my book. Also a symbol that I channeled long time ago popped up again. I call it the spiral of love and it’s one of the oldest symbols in the world: the spiral is found everywhere: in seashells, flowers (such as sunflower), the universe itself, even in the double helix of our DNA. You find the symbol in ancient paintings inside caves and in every ancient culture around the world. It truly amazes me and for sure I will incorporate this magical symbol into my book! 🙂


photo credit
The next day I’m at my bf’s place to celebrate Christmas. I had brought my clothes to wash as my neighbour where I normally wash my clothes wasn’t there. I placed all my clothes inside the washing machine. When it was ready and I took my clothes out I also found a little bracelet in a transparent plastic bag. I have no clue where it came from. I didn’t even wash any pants with pockets where it could have been inside. (And no, my bf didn’t have any other female visitors to his place if that’s what you might be thinking 😀 ) And the funniest of all is that the bracelet has this little symbol: the spiral between each white little pearls. A very cute bracelet. Coincidence or maybe my guardian angels/guides also wanted to give me a little gift for Xmas? 😀



That’s all for today! Have a great day everyone! 🙂



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