Puzzle-Meditation & Raising Love Frequencies

Dear all,

I had an amazing day yesterday. After spending a week with my family and my bf in Leeds, I finally had a day all for myself yesterday. And guess what: I didn’t even unpack. All I did was catching up on my blog and starting a 1000 piece puzzle I have bought in the UK. I actually completely overestimated how difficult this puzzle would be, but in the process of starting to find a few matching puzzle pieces I realised a few things:

1) completing a puzzle is a very meditative thing to do. Instead on focusing on breathing in and out and observing your chest rising and falling, you put your awareness to finding puzzles of certain colours or shapes, that will match with the ones you already have. There is no space to think about anything else as you need to be 100% concentrated.

2) completing a puzzle is like writing a book. I first always try to find all the pieces that create the “outline”. I managed to complete this outline yesterday and was very excited. And as I saw my puzzle like this, with a completed outline and a few other matching pieces here and there from the middle, I thought: this is exactly the state of my novel at the moment: I have found all the little pieces that would create my novel’s outline and put them together. I also have a few pieces here and there for subplots etc.

3) when you see all these hundreds of little pieces and an unfinished puzzle you think: oh no, will I ever manage to complete this? I’m moving out of my place end of the month and until then I need to have completed it. So it gives me a time challenge. Same for my book. I now have the outline but it seems like a huge project to take on, and like with the puzzle I set myself a deadline of 1 month to complete my 1st draft, while I’m on holiday in Thailand.

Anyway, whether you are writing a book or not, I can only recommend buying a puzzle! 🙂 What I have so far:


Yesterday I also changed one of the main characters of my book completely. While I liked my old character, I felt he lacked many things. The new one feels lighter, is funnier and I’m sure that kids will love him.

Then I was thinking what the main message in my book should be for the kids. And I immediately thought: LOVE. Love for themselves, love for everyone around them, love for the deceased loved ones, LOVE LOVE LOVE! 🙂 So I thought I will increase my own love frequency so I can write deeply from my heart.

I did a little meditation this morning. Maybe you would like to try it too. It was so relaxing and beautiful:

Get comfortable and close your eyes.

Bring your awareness to your breathing and start breathing in and out slowly and deeply.

Observe how your chest slowly rises and falls.

Start relaxing your body and let go of any tensions. Relax all your muscles and all your upper body, then your lower body.

Continue breathing slowly and deeply.

Now visualise your heart and imagine it smiling. Expand your heart and let it smile. While you do this, repeat in your mind the following:

I now let go of any worries and any anger.

Now visualise a green energy ball, emerald green, right in front of your heart energy centre. See it entering your heart and turning it into a beautiful green. Let the healing green expand to your entire body. Loving green in all of your cells and even DNA. Send all your love to your cells and your DNA. Send it to your organs and tissues, to your bones. Send it everywhere where it needs to go.

Now extend this green healing light and your love to your entire room, to the building, to your entire town, to the entire continent, the whole world, the whole universe. Everything is radiating in healing and loving green.

This shouldn’t take too long and is such a positive exercise. It raises your love vibrations!:-) In case you try let me know how it worked for you!


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