Positive Visualisation at Waterstones

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted. Me and my bf flew to Leeds/UK to visit my mum and my little sister who my bf had not met yet.

As usual I spent hours at Waterstones to browse through books, have a coffee and to enjoy the atmosphere. I found an amazing book: Children’s Writers & Artists Yearbook 2014, which lists all of the publishing houses in the UK that publish children’s books. It also gives you a lot of great tips on what these publishers are looking for.


As mentioned in one of my previous blog entries, I’m visualising giving book signatures at Waterstones in Leeds. I asked my mum, little sister and my bf to join me there. So we sat down and imagined where I would be sitting to give signatures, where they would be, what we would be wearing etc, how we would be feeling: using the law of attraction with more people visualising my dream might increase my chances to actually manifest it I thought…:D

I spent quite some time with my sister, who was never officially diagnosed with Autism and ADD but I believe she is on the spectrum. She has always been to special need schools and was bullied. She doesn’t get any job, and despite her learning disabilities and every day life disabilities, she is treated just like a normal person who is unemployed. With the same pressure to find a job.

The truth is, she can’t do any maths, so she can’t work in a shop and handle money for instance. She is also a very slow learner and is slow in anything she does. She has no attention span and no writing skills either. She doesn’t have the social skills “normal” people would have. So tell me, who would be willing to employ such a person? It’s so frustrating. Of course she has other amazing talents, or gifts rather. She is an emotional empath. She always exactly knows how people are feeling. When she feels someone is sad she might cry herself as she feels the heavy burden. She is a little angel with a huge heart and loving energy. She never talks bad about anyone. When she smiles the whole room will light up. She will inspire one of my characters in my book.

Apart from hours at Waterstones we also had a culinary delight when we ate at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. Really nice atmosphere and amazing food…

Unfortunately time flew too quick and now I’m back in Geneva already. I’m trying to get a 1000 piece puzzle together, which is taking ages and hopefully I’ll finish before I have to move out of my studio end of the month…and before leaving for Thailand for few months…:-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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