Funeral, POV & Thai Massage

Your work is to discover your work, and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it.


Good morning everyone 🙂

I had a FANTASTIC sleep. Went to bed early and slept through the night. When I woke up I gave myself a bit of an energy boost with Reiki and now am all excited to start a new day and continue working on my novel.

After being stuck for a bit and wanting to make some changes to the outline I shared my ideas with my bf and my mum, and after discussing it for a while, it made me see things clearer. Sometimes all you need to do is talk things through. I also was unsure from which point of view to write the beginning scene, which will take place at a cemetery. I wrote two scenes from different point of views, and that also made things clearer for me and easier to decide which one to take.

However, researching all about cemeteries, coffins etc on the internet felt really sinister and I didn’t feel well. Sort of thinking, gosh, hope I don’t have to come back to these coffins websites to choose a coffin for someone. What a depressing thing to do. I assume there is nothing worse than having to choose a coffin when someone you loved died…so I stopped the research after 5 minutes again. The description of the coffin for my book will probably be like this: there was a wooden coffin. That’s it. 🙂

I’m now working on a much more detailed outline. The preliminary one was just the 10 most important scenes in the novel and now I’m going through each chapter and scene with little details of what is happening and from what POV each scene is written. That also makes many things much clearer.

As I never studied writing I had no clue about POV strategies and just when I was thinking that I needed help with it, writer’s digest pops up on my FB as minifeed: “What about deciding between omniscient and limited point of view” with a free reading download. 🙂

It’s only few days left before I leave for the UK to spend some time with my mum and my little sister. They have an amazing German Xmas market in Leeds, really looking forward to it. And to Waterstones. And to having my highlites done. Here in Geneva it’s unaffordable and I look like a tramp! haha!

After Leeds I’m only 1 more week in Geneva and then Thailand is calling. Sun, Thai food, Thai massages and my book! I’m not coming back unless I finished the 1st draft! 😉

Have a wonderful Friday!


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