If you can imagine it, you can achieve it


Today is all about inspiration, intuition and dreams. Like the quote says:

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it

I’m happy to share that I have completed my preliminary 10 “scene cards”, which is the exercise that “Book in a month” had in store for me.

Victoria Lynn Schmidt states that as a film analyst she observed how excellent movies would have approximately 10-20 scenes, whereas B-movies have 20-30. So she invites you to think of the 10 most important scenes in your book and to write them all out in the prepared scene cards she has.

That meant I had to think my whole book through and come up with ideas and scenes until the end. It required a lot of phantasy, visualisations and brainstorming. And I’m excited about the outcome. Of course this is just the very main overview and it’s far from perfect. I guess you keep changing it as you write your novel, but what it gives you is an idea where to start and where the story is going…

I just read an interesting article: “JK Rowling on getting published”, where she speaks about how the idea for Harry Potter came from and how long it took to write the book. She had actually started typing it on an old typewriter! And can you imagine that it took over a year to get accepted by a publisher?

I hope that my novel won’t take as long. In fact I’m using the law of attraction to visualise attracting the right agent right away and the right publishing house right after! 😉

It’s a sunny day here in Geneva and in my heart. Tomorrow is the last time I’m going to see Adriano and his uncle before I leave to UK and Thailand. The plan is to do a few more meditation techniques with Adriano to calm his mind and to see what magical things he has to share with me this time…



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