TOA: Magical tree of Abundance


photo credit: Inmacor (Flickr)

I finally completed “Day 2” of the “First Draft in 30 Days” book, which was all about locations, ie researching all locations, visualising them all etc. As I have quite a few characters I had some work to visualise all their homes, the school, the neighbourhoods and places they most frequently visit.

I also came up with the idea to introduce a magical tree into my book: the pic above shall inspire me to write about this tree. It’s name will be TOA (tree of abundance) and I already have quite some ideas of the magical powers it will have. πŸ™‚

As my novel will be set in Geneva I also did some research on Geneva itself. I have been living here 6 years and had no clue that the internet was invented here!!! In Cern. So cool! πŸ˜€

Today I had a few clients, including a pregnant woman who came for Reiki. I love giving Reiki to pregnant women. The babies always feel the energy and start kicking exactly where my hands are placed on the belly. It was funny.

It’s also only 6 days to go until I fly to UK to see my mum and my little sister. I can’t wait to hang out at Waterstones in Leeds with my sister, at Costa Cafe, while reading through some books. One of my big visualisations for the Law of Attraction is how I get my book published and will be invited to give book signatures at Waterstones in Leeds. Of course my little sister will be there with me. And my amazing mum too. And my bf who is so encouraging me to write this book and keeps asking questions about the characters and the plot. He is so curious! Let’s see when it happens. πŸ˜‰

Ok, that’s all for all. Tomorrow I will start tackling “Day 3” – the Plot Sketches. It’s exciting to feel and see how the book outline and all ideas are coming together.


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