The Law of Attraction: The squirrel and the English book

Back in Geneva after another wonderful day in Milan. On Thursday night, while we were having dinner at one of the most amazing restaurants I ever ate (even for Italian standards), I decided to put the Law of Attraction (LOA) into practice once more. I already have a lot of things that I visualised and then manifested (including meeting Paulo Coelho twice!). Since my plan is to have my book published with the help of the LOA, I take every opportunity to practice.

So I asked my bf to visualise something he would like to manifest in the next 24 hours in Milan and I would do the same. He said he would like to see a squirrel and I visualised how someone would hand me an English book for free.

The plan for the next day was purely shopping. As soon as we arrived to the main shopping street in Milan and turned left, there was a huge window display with a huge squirrel. We both laughed and continued our shopping spree. After a few hours we were already tired and were considering going back to the hotel when we passed a little cute book store which had a Cafe and free wifi. We decided to spend the next few hours in there until we would need to go to the train station.

I even found a little section with English books so picked a few I would like to look through while in the Cafe. I was also looking for Paulo Coelho’s latest book “Manuscripts found in Accra” and didn’t find it. I went to the information desk to ask if they had it and the lady went to the shelf and picked it out for me. I then spent the afternoon reading this book and finished it. Thus, a person handed me an English book and it was free, since I read it all there and didn’t need to buy in anymore.

Ok, this is a very simple LOA example. But I’m always amazed at how it works, and the more you practice and believe in it, the more you manifest.

I also bought and read “The curious incident of the dog in the night” by Mark Haddon. I managed to finish it in the train back to Geneva. Oh, what a wonderful book! Written in the voice of an autistic teenage boy we get a real glimpse of what life for an autistic person is like. I loved the book even more since it’s background material for my own novel and certainly it will help me give more depth into my characters in my book.

I can only recommend you read this book, it makes you smile, again and again!

I have to admit, I haven’t quite finished the character sheets yet for all my characters. Only the main ones. (3 kids). The rest of the characters I still need to map out. Hopefully today and tomorrow I will manage to complete what “Draft in 30 days” thought should have been in 1 day.

Today I also work and am seeing a few clients. Including a teenage girl who is a selective mute. She only speaks to her family and outside of home her face turns into stone, she never shows any emotions on her face and she surely does not speak. I’m doing some energy healing and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with her and she started showing emotions, started letting go of some fears and even cried, which her mum thought was a very good sign. Of course these kind of things don’t get healed/changed over night. Every other therapist has given up on this girl in the past. I feel I am giving up too because I’m moving to Thailand for a few months, but hopefully I can start where I stopped when I am back. This girl also inspired me to one of my characters in my book. A Thai girl who doesn’t speak but has special gifts. 🙂

Anyway, off to dry my hair and off to work. Have a great weekend everyone!


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