Charlie and the chocolate factory (or the big mess in a train)

Greetings from Milano! After we waited for nearly an hour yesterday for the train to Milano we made it.

I was even working happily on my characters in the train. I printed out all the character sheets from the Draft in 30 days book and took them with me. I brainstormed for different characters, their names, their roles, backgrounds, secret talents etc.

Once I finished I ordered a nice hot chocolate. And guess who probably caused the biggest mess in a train ever? Me! Chocolate all over the seat, myself, my papers and all over the floor for everyone to see. As I tried to wipe my character sheets clean I was wondering whether this is how the idea for Charlie and the Chocolate factory was born. Or maybe it was a sign for me to introduce a chocolate monster into my novel. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, today we spent all day walking around Milan, enjoying getting lost in the many shopping streets, the old town, the spectacular Duomo, the castle and the many restaurants. We are lucky to be in Milan while an Andy Warhol exhibition is taking place so we spent part of the afternoon looking at some of his most famous paintings. I got inspired by one of his quotes which was projected onto the wall:


…And decided this will be one of my mantras. Writing is Art as well and while writing my book I will just focus on enjoying to create my own piece of art. Whether people hate or love it, we shall see. πŸ™‚

Tomorrow it’s shop until we drop time before we head back to Geneva in the evening train. I will polish up my character sheets in the train and transfer all the info onto my creative writing software. (This time hopefully without being the girl who created the biggest mess in a train)!

Ciao Ciao!


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