Snailspeedfairy vs speedwritingfairy?

Ok, so yesterday I received 3 more books from Amazon to help me write my novel:

Ready, Set, Novel, by Chris Baty, Lindsey Grant, and Tavia Stewart-Streit

First Draft in 30 days by Karen S. Wiesner

The Describer’s Dictionary, by David Grambs

While I love them all and they all have valuable ideas and are supposed to help you structure your novel, I realised that sticking to just one would be more time efficient. I now feel I’m spending more time going through all sorts of books, getting all excited about the content, but am not actually starting with any of the exercises. 😀

Anyway, I figured given that I never studied Creative Writing or Journalism, and my first language is not even English I would need all the help I can possibly get. So let’s see where that will bring me.

Also, today I’m off to Milan for a few days. Geneva is great as it’s so close to Milan, Paris, the Alps for skiing, the Mont Blanc etc. We take the train at 7pm tonight so until then I want to start on my project and ideally I will also work in the train which is a 3h drive.

Before I start, I would like to share what inspired me so much to write this novel in the first place: A young teenage boy called Adriano, 14 years old. Adriano lost his mum when he was 11 and he found her dead when he came back from school. Adriano is mildly autistic with ADD and had to take heavy medications for many years. Ever since his mother died Adriano’s biggest wish was to connect to his mum’s spirit and to ask her whether she was ok, and if she is well in paradise.

This is how I got to know him. A mutual friend introduced us. As I work as a Healer and Meditation teacher I immediately wanted to help this boy to find a peaceful place in his mind. So I taught him energy healing and meditation techniques. The outcome of what I experienced (and let me just say that I was and still am completely amazed at what this boy can do) will be described in my novel, where Adriano will be the main character.

Anyway, will stop here and will start mapping out all my characters and complete the character sheets from First Draft in 30 Days Book. I’m excited to create characters and name them…:D


2 thoughts on “Snailspeedfairy vs speedwritingfairy?

  1. Thanks so much, Susan! I definitely can recommend the book “Book in a month” by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, it really motivates you to get it done. Don’t keep postponing it 🙂

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