Book in a month


So, here we are – new blog – new project.

I will be blogging about my writing adventure. Putting my job aside for a few months to go travelling, and, well, to write a book.

I will start working on the outline as of now, but writing the 1st draft will be as of end of January, after my travels.

The book I’m working with is called “Book in a month” by Victoria Lynn Schmidt. It’s supposed to motivate me to write every day and to help me outline/structure my novel and to help with creating story boards, character sheets etc. It arrived yesterday and at a first glance I can say that I love it. 🙂

I also downloaded a creative writing software to help me write and structure the novel. It’s called WriteWay Pro and so far it’s really handy and will help me to have all my research, ideas and novel in one space.

My goal is to use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to get this book done and also published. So let’s see how good I am at manifesting things I truly desire. 🙂

My daily mantra shall be:

Your message matters: Step into the Spotlight

Thanks to Kris Carr I spotted it on her website.

This project now came as I have been working with kids/teens with learning disabilities or mild autism/ADD. They have inspired me to want to write a novel for young adults/teens. As I can’t take off too much time from work, I only have limited time to get this done.

The book makes it quite clear that in order to write a novel, I need to make it my priority number 1  and to make sure I have a writing goal or benchmark as I go.

So, my initial writing benchmark now is to get an outline ready to start writing my novel. That includes all research, characters etc.

Outline: ready until Jan 25th at the latest

As I will be travelling for almost all of this time (Milan, UK and several weeks in Thailand) it will be hard to work on it every day, but I’ll try my best to write consistently.

A bit about me:

I’m half German, half Brazilian, 33, and live in beautiful Geneva/Switzerland. I have a strong business background having studied Management and languages. I worked for some of the world’s biggest marketing companies and was earning a lot of money until I decided that this life is not for me. After a lot of soul-searching and healing I finally became who I was supposed to be. I now work as an Energy Therapist working with Reiki, EFT, Bioresonance/Meta-Therapy, Meditation Courses etc. and wouldn’t change it for anything.

While being self-employed is the best thing that ever happened to me, it’s also the scariest thing. You never know how much income you will have and whether you can pay all your bills at the end of the month. So far (by using the LOA) I have always managed.

I believe we are all the designers of our own lives and have the power and the right to design a life that’s our perfect version of a happy life. For me it’s working for 8-9 months as an energy therapist and then taking 3-4 months off every year to pamper myself and to devote my time to my other passions, such as writing, photography and travelling.

My website is

Facebook: Be Happy Now


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